Who we are

Music for Living Foundation A.C.



We are a non-profit civil organization that promotes a social transformation through music in vulnerable communities in the State of San Luis Potosí, promoting cultural, educational, and occupational development of children and adolescents.



We work to build a more equitable and fair society, where children and young people have safe spaces for social insertion in the face of the challenges and risks of their own context. Music is our transformational and community cohesion engine.


Main goal

To promote the creation of symphony orchestras, choruses, bands and ensembles for children and adolescents, as a strategy for the prevention of psychosocial risks, which allows them to develop personal, social, and artistic skills to improve their quality of life.


Institutional goals:

 Greater impact. To bring music closer to more children, fostering processes of community, educational and social development; promoting cultural rights; being music our main transformational tool.

Sustainability. To diversify financial sources that guarantee the continuity of our Programs. 

 Continuous professionalization. To promote constant training of our work team to face new demands challenging non-profit civil associations in Mexico. Strengthening the quality of our professional practices to benefit the communities involved.

Transparency and accountability. To always guarantee the right use of resources, according to our objectives.



During 2013, Mexico was greatly wounded by violence and inequality; urgent actions were required to improve and strengthen the social fabric and to promote human rights. Children and youngsters were the most affected and it was critical to promote safe spaces for this population, to bet on training, educational and cultural processes that function as protective factors.

In this context, with the impulse of the then Secretary of Culture of the State of San Luis Potosí, Xavier Torresarpi, the MÚSICA PARA LA VIDA A.C. FOUNDATION was established on May 22, 2013, with music as its transformational instrument.

A musical and social diagnosis in 23 municipalities of San Luis Potosí laid the foundations that justified the enormous need for projects such as the MUVI SYSTEM, which through a collaborative musical education model positively impacts communities, families and the life of each child and young participant.

Thanks to a group of socially committed citizens and professionals, this Program has been operated since 2013 with extraordinary results. Excellent teachers, musicians, psychologists, social workers, cultural managers, technicians, administrative personnel, and assistants have made it possible for more than 3,500 children and youngsters to transform their lives through music.

And this could not be a reality without the trust and commitment of more than 200 companies, 150 personal sponsors, municipal, state, and federal governments, educational institutions and international organizations that have contributed financial resources, in-kind donations, technical advice, training, and dissemination to ensure MUVI’s existence and continuity.