Programs and Projects

MUVI System


The MUVI System is the main Program of the Music for Life Foundation, and its foremost objective is the creation of symphony orchestras, choruses, symphony bands and various ensembles, using a participatory methodology in a collaborative musical education model that puts at the center the community the practice of music. Therefore, it works as a social insertion program for children and youngsters living in susceptible situations.

It is a psychosocial risk prevention program that transforms realities through music.

Community Development is extremely important for the success of the Program, so that in addition to music lessons, life skills classes, group processes, seminars, etc. are held, to complement and strengthen the training process of the participants.

Municipalities in which we are present

MUVI Villa de Reyes

MUVI Ciudad Valles

MUVI Matehuala-La Paz

MUVI Venado

MUVI La Pila Township

MUVI Pozos

We have the Pozos group, which has begun in 2022 with a symphony orchestra, a chorus and other bands.

MUVI Orchestra

Each year, an orchestra is formed made up of the most outstanding students from all MUVI communities, who participate in a selection process in which, in addition to assessing their musical technique, their commitment and community involvement is considered.

They meet for several days in a space where they have time to rehearse, assemble, strengthen friendship ties, participate in group activities, and socialize with each other, to close the gathering with a great concert in an important venue, such as a renowned theater, to which public is invited. This is one of the main yearly activities for Music for Life Foundation, with an artistic-musical component, which promotes audience creation, cultural development, and the practice of cultural rights.

MUVI Talentos

In the MUVI experience, there are several teenagers who begin to show interest in studying music professionally. For this reason, MUVI has created a project to accompany them in the preparation process to enter the different Universities or Conservatories of the country, thus following up on their musical training. A propaedeutic course has been implemented, musical instruments are provided to students until they can afford their own, and psychosocial support is provided for this new stage of their lives in which they will change residence and begin adult life.

Music teachers are the main connoisseurs of these procedures, so their guidance and knowledge will support many young people to pursue their interest in studying music professionally.

MUVI Emprende

MUVI EMPRENDE is a Youth Entrepreneurship Project through music, which is presented as a training-action strategy aimed at young men and women who have completed or are about to complete their time in the MUVI System, and who have a clear interest in starting productive projects related to music.

After nine years of having started the MUVI System, we have observed that more and more students are showing a clear interest in dedicating themselves to music, either by continuing their professional studies, or by using the resources learned with us to originate actions that can reward them financially.

The MUVI Community Development area has conducted interviews with our most advanced students and former students, where it is evident that a significant number of young people have carried out isolated musical entrepreneurial activities, such as teaching private lessons to younger children, play at events, record musical material on request, among others, and many are motivated by the interest of acquiring their own musical instruments and continuing their musical training. Or, simply, to obtain resources to support themselves.
For this reason, this project is developed to support young people to create musical projects from scratch that allow them to develop their own potential and be able to live from it.

MUVI Presents

This is how this new concept came about, MUVI Presents, from which we promote collaborations with great artists. Be it benefit concerts, videoclips, master classes for MUVI students and teachers, etc.

MUVI Presents connects us with the sensitive music industry, opens the doors to diverse audiences who get to know MUVI through their favorite artists, is always seeking to join efforts, to promote reflection and quality, music that inspires, transforms, and moves.

To date, artists such as Lila Downs, Mauren Mendo, Armando Manzanero, Rubén Albarrán, and Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán have been part of MUVI & Friends, and companies such as Yamaha of Mexico support this Program.