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World can be different, it can be much better, more humane, fairer, more equitable, happier … And you can be a means to achieve this transformation. Betting on the comprehensive and loving development of children and adolescents is the most efficient way to achieve great changes. Music has proven to be a powerful tool, and at MUVI it is the star of our Musical Social Movement.

So, do not hesitate! By donating to this program, you are contributing to the construction of a better world for all. You are investing in the future that we want to achieve together, where people are at the center, not things (the material?), where we all have the same opportunities and understand the interdependence that characterizes us, and thus we get a life of respect, responsibility, love, and joy.

Become a MUVI sponsor, a promoter of our cause, a volunteer, or join our community.

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