Contribute and commit, knowing that the interconnectivity of everyone allows things to happen and flourish. Thanks to all the people have committed to contribute to the construction of a more communitarian and supportive society, we have managed to grow and transform the lives of many families in San Luis Potosí, including our and those of all donors.

Today, you can commit (yourself and the people around you) to contribute towards a transformation through music. The ways in which you can help us are diverse and all equally important and necessary. Thank you in advance for your collaboration with MÚSICA PARA LA VIDA.


• IN-KIND DONATIONS: Having an Orchestra or Symphonic Band requires a large amount of resources for the day to day activities, as well as for the operability to follow it through.
If you have any of the following objects in good conditions, or want to support with any of these options:

-Material and office furniture
-Musical instruments
Call us at 01 (444) 812.20.47! They would be very useful for us.

• MONETARY DONATION: In the following link you will have the opportunity to make a monetary donation that we will use the money in our project’s budget.

We are audited by DELOITTE to ensure transparency in the use of resources and so that you can be sure that the money you are giving to us is being used in the best way.

If you want to make a recurring donation, call us and we can organize regular payments.


Volunteering implies a commitment to collaborate towards the achievement of the Foundation’s goals”. It means to contribute with your time, knowledge, enthusiasm and all of your love.

In MUVI you can be part of our diverse VOLUNTEERS, according to your possibilities:

• SOCIAL SERVICE: If you are studying a degree and you need to do your Social Service, we have several options to offer. Call us!

• PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES: If you need a place you can offer your skills and knowledge, and want to learn about non-profit organizations and community music, this is your place. We have several options for your to spaces you can grow.

• DAY TO DAY: If with your profession or with your enthusiasm you want to support in obtaining the necessary resources for MUVI to continue operating, we have several Volunteer Commissions, men and women are committed, depending on their possibilities, to support MUVI.


Depending on the needs of the Foundation, we launch one or several campaigns per year in order to have the necessary resources for all of our projects.


Sponsor a musician child : This campaign aims to achieve economic security to the MUVI System so that all the children participating in this program can continue to obtain the Community Music Education that is offered to them.

To achieve this goal we seek to reach 700 sponsors in 2 years. For the first year, our goal is 400 sponsored children, and to reach 700 by the end of September, 2020.

The campaign consists of being a MUVI System child’s sponsor, supporting the child with $ 1,100 pesos per month. This amount of money covers the following:

- Community Music Education classes Monday to Friday 4 to 8 pm with professional musicians.
- Use of the musical instrument during all the time they are in the program (the instruments are lent to the children).
- Community development and life skills activities.
- Psycho-social accompaniment.
- Participation in state encounters, concerts and recreational activities.
- A musical experience that will change the child’s life.


If you have a company and you want to support us by offering a service or product, you would help us a lot.

We normally need:

• Transportation for passengers and instruments to the municipalities of Charcas, Venado, Moctezuma, Villa de Reyes, Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí and La Pila
• Leasing of copiers and printer.
• Leasing of venues for presentations, concerts, training and activities
• Leasing of venues for meetings for more than 80 people
• Leasing of furniture for concerts
• Printing of posters, invitations and letters
• Specialized software for civil society organizations
• Others