¿What is the MUVI System?

  • The MUVI System is a movement that began in San Luis Potosí and that has stirred up the country because of its great impact. It is a project that arose from the Fundación Música para la Vida in its search to use music as a social tool to generate community cohesion.

    This musical movement grew with the experience of El Sistema Venezolano (the Venezuelan System), where they began to visualize music as a transformative driving force. Parting from Venezuela’s experience, many other countries, nonprofit organizations or individuals, have replicated this experience understanding the positive impact it can have if it is correctly implemented.

    In Mexico, the Department of Culture, through Musical Promotion, has looked for the country to carry out this great task through the National System of Community Music Groups, with whom we work hand in hand.

  • In the state of San Luis Potosí, the project began through a civil society organization (Fundación Música para la Vida), which is responsible for the management and administration of the resources to be able to carry out the MUVI System. The social, cultural and geographical characteristics of San Luis Potosí make this movement a unique program, in which, from the experience acquired, we have been able to improve and grow.

    We currently have have more than 700 children and adolescents participating in the MUVI system, as well as more than 700 relatives or friends who are directly influenced by a child’s participation in the program.

    Since 2013, more than 1,600 children and adolescents have passed through the system.


  • MUVI is integrated by community musical groups that can be either:

    Symphonic Orchestra

    Symphonic Band


    We started with 2 groups, 1 in Villa de Reyes and another in Ciudad Valles. Today, we have 6 more groups, distributed in Matehuala, Villa de la Paz, Charcas, Venado, Valle de la Palma, and the delegation of La Pila.

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  • Being part of a choir, an orchestra or a band creates unbreakable bonds between its members (teachers, students and director), with values that increase in the daily life of its participants, such as: responsibility, discipline, commitment, teamwork, along with tolerance to frustration.

    Music, then, encourages people to improve daily, enriches knowledge and provides a more fraternal perspective of our environment.

    Music is a language that requires intense personal and collective work to be able to be executed and enjoyed. Considering it an expression of the human being, MUVI seeks to strengthen the community perspective of music education. This community perspective offers specific characteristics that have proven to generate safe spaces of social insertion in diverse vulnerable places.

    These characteristics are carried out in each community group and we are constantly creating new ways to generate quality community music education with the purpose of promoting a positive social transformation in each community.

  • For this reason, MUVI works to implement Community Music Education, education that includes academic-musical quality and community development. This means that we are interested in good musical learning and social-community growth in each one of the participants, as well as in their communities.

    To guarantee the quality of Community Music Education, we have a staff of 78 professional music teachers. Each musical group has a logistics coordinator and a musical director who are responsible for organizing the day to day of each group.



  • From Monday to Friday, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the children and young participants go to the different groups to learn to play an instrument or to sing, and discover the experience of practicing music collectively, leaving behind boredom and activities that may put their safety, health and life at risk.

    Tú puedes formar parte de alguna agrupación musical comunitaria si tienes entre 7 y 17 años de edad.

    You can be part of a community musical group if you are between 7 and 17 years old, so if you're interested:
    Call us: 01 (444) 812 2047
    Write to us: [email protected]
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